The Family Law Lawyers/Solicitors

Gerard Cochrane & Co. Solicitors offer a professional and strictly confidential service for Family Law matters.

We understand that the dissolution of a family unit can give rise to legal, financial and tax implications which can be intimidating to deal with. We will work closely with you to reach a suitable conclusion.  If it is not possible to come to a satisfactory resolution outside of the court, we will assist you with the Family Court process.


Separation Agreements

We negotiate, prepare and conclude separation agreements to deal with all aspects of marital breakdown.


Divorce and Judicial Separation

We deal with all aspects of divorce and judicial separation whether by agreement reached through negotiation or where no agreement can be reached, through litigation and court hearing.


We maintain a sensible and understanding approach to reach a family law settlement. In circumstances where agreement cannot be reached outside of court and further action becomes necessary, we provide representation in all Court jurisdictions and guide our clients through every step of the process.

Through professionalism and sensitivity we work to ensure that cases are resolved in a cost-effective and dignified manner.


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