Making a Will

Safeguarding Ireland has been urging Irish people to plan ahead for their future needs and care. According to a survey carried out by Red C and released by Safeguarding Ireland, less than 30% of sampled adults had made a will and less than 10% of those surveyed had nominated someone to be their Attorney. Safeguarding Ireland is urging people to think ahead by organising an Attorney, care plan, a pension and a will to be better equipped for the future.


Once you have made a will, you can review it every few years to ensure that it still accurately reflects your intentions as circumstances change.


We at Gerard Cochrane & Co. Solicitors are now introducing a new card for anyone who makes a will with us. Everyone who makes a will with Gerard Cochrane & Co. Solicitors will receive a “Keep My Will” card which can be easily inserted into a wallet or purse.


The purpose of the card is to ensure that a will can be easily located following a death. The card will include contact details for our offices. This is important especially considering that there is no central will register in Ireland.



Should you wish to make a will or would like advice on how best to implement your requirements in a will, contact Gerard Cochrane & Co. Solicitors today. 

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